Impact 9 Records: The Label

Impact 9 Records was born in 1993. With this first breath of air, the concept of this label revolved around the renewal and continuity of compelling R & B melodies and flavours, giving due respect to yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's talents. Not mediocrity, but excellence in talent that is. Impact 9 Records' main artist at this point is Cheryl Vincent, who optimizes the aforementioned concept.

Growth is anticipated and with this growth based on quality and exciting product, appropriate recognition should not be a problem.

Impact 9 Records brings a commitment of staying power and good music to the buying and listening public. Impact 9 Records--a commitment to music that shares love, genuine respect and good solid information.

This label is currently featuring Cheryl Vincent and her CD 'I Can (Got Game)'. Copies of 'I Can (Got Game)' can be obtained by clicking Here

Impact is also featuring Lynn and her CD 'Break My Heart''. Copies of 'Break My Heart'' can be obtained by clicking Here.