Impact 9 Records: Cheryl Vincent

Cheryl Vincent

Cheryl Vincent - The presence, the poise, the purpose, the passion.

Cheryl is an artist with a big time future and without a doubt a huge upside. She has that smooth sophisticated and effortless delivery. Her clarity, diction, and texture is superb. Pleasing to the ear, with a wonderful sense of style and rhythm. As you listen, you can feel her. She gives of herself a blending of new and old that makes the right connection.

Her CD, 'I Can (Got Game)' is her first major project.

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Her CD can also be found at these following locations:

Birdel's - Birdys Tapes and Records Inc.
'Brooklyn's Number On Soul Shop!'
535 Nostrand Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Sam's Music Box
763 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11226

Sam's Music Box
763 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11226

Record Shack, Inc.
274 W. 125th Street
NY, NY 10027

It is a pleasure to work with and be associated with this artist. She is smooth with sophistication. She does the lead and all the background vocals. The way she marries flow with flavour is admirable. Easy to listen to but yet, compelling. She has something to say and makes that contribution very well indeed. You will love her.

Carl Sears